At Premier Christian Academy, we know that you have no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting a preschool or day for your little one. So why select us out of the other options available in the Northlake area? At Premier Christian Academy, we strive to provide all of the children in our care with a high-quality, Christ-centered early childhood education that a secular preschool simply would not be able to offer. In this blog post, we share 5 reasons why you should send your child to a Christian preschool or daycare. If you’re interested in learning more about Premier Christian Academy, schedule a tour of our Northlake facility today!

Christian Preschool Teaches Core Values

At Premier Christian Academy, we take childhood milestones seriously. That’s why so many of our activities are focused around developing your youngster’s cognitive, social, and physical skills. Yet we also believe there is another crucial aspect to healthy childhood development that most other preschools tend to miss — moral development. We use the award-winning Abeka curriculum to set your child up to live a moral, spiritual, and intellectual life. By coupling Christian pedagogy with academic excellence, the Abeka curriculum teaches children essential core values that only a Christian early childhood education could provide.

Christian Preschool Gives Children Excellent Role Models

Premier Christian Academy only hires the best early childhood educators in the Northlake area. All of our teachers have been carefully screened and background checked to ensure that they have the experience and training needed to be excellent role models for your children. At Christian preschool, however, your child will discover important role models beyond just the adults in their classroom — they will also learn about important Biblical figures who can teach them about living a moral, Christ-centered life. 

Christian Preschool Backs Up Principles With Biblical Truths

Children like to know why certain expectations and rules in society are the way they are. When you send your child to a Christian preschool, their teachers can point to Biblical passages to explain why they should share, keep clean, or listen to their parents, rather than just saying “that’s just the way it is.” At Premier Christian Academy, we regularly cite the Bible to help children learn why they should be kind, constructive members of society.

Christian Preschool Encourages Spiritual Habits

At Premier Christian Academy, we regularly incorporate spiritual disciplines and habits such as praying, reading the Bible, and memorizing scripture into our daily routine. By introducing these disciplines to children at a young age, and showing them how they can foster a sense of community and meaning, we habituate Christianity into their everyday lives.

Christian Preschool Better Equips Children for Secular Education

Unfortunately, it can be expensive to enroll children in a Christian school once they’ve aged out of daycare. When you send your little one to Christian preschool, however, you better equip them to handle secular ideas that they will likely encounter in public school  in stride. By grounding their formative years in God’s teachings through daily Biblical lessons and games, Christian preschool gives children the tools they need to stay spiritually committed  in a secular world.

Christian Preschool Allows You to Connect With Other Christian Families

Many of the children who attend Premier Christian Academy become friends beyond the classroom; in fact, the parents of children who attend our daycare often set up playdates for their little ones on the weekend, so they can maintain their friendship outside of preschool hours. This not only allows children to connect with their peers, but the adults themselves as well! While church can be great for meeting other Christians, there’s nothing like Christian preschool to introduce you to families who are at a similar place in their lives. You may even find that these friendships last a lifetime!

Enroll Your Child in Our Christian Preschool in Northlake!

Premier Christian Academy is your source for high-quality early childhood education in Northlake. We know that all children are a gift from God, and we structure our preschool accordingly. Get in touch with us today to learn more!