The first years of elementary school can be challenging for young children. At Premier Academy Northlake we understand the struggles young children face in these years. Children progress from attending Child Care to formal Elementary schooling where the environment is not as nurturing. Social skills become extremely important as well as emotional intelligence. We understand these challenges and therefore intentionally create an environment to help our school age children build upon social skills and skills in confidence, while still allowing your child to have fun and learn. Our teachers assist children in homework so parents can spend quality time with their children. Our Teachers also understand that children like to share their day and what they learned while at school, so our Teachers engage with the children to help strengthen what each child has learned throughout the day. During these years building friendships is important to school age children, so Teachers encourage Team building activities to encourage the building of additional friendships as well.

At Premier Academy we know children and we understand that children need very different things at every new stage of their lives, we are passionate about children and the total wellbeing of each child in our care.

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