Using the A beka curriculum, students in Pre-Kindergarten classes at Premier Academy Northlake the focus is to have a strong foundation in reading by the time they enter Kindergarten. Students will learn the following:

  • Utilization in Phonics to blend letters that best support writing and reading
  • Review in short vowels and proper pronunciation
  • Reading three letter words are carefully selected to provide a solid understanding and form a strong base for reading.
  • Long-vowels are also introduced and additional individual instruction is provided to students to begin to recognize and read words in order to begin to read sentences with one and two vowel words.
  • Daily assignments expand each child’s knowledge of numbers their values and concepts to form a strong base in order to begin the learning process of simple addition and subtraction.
  • Bible lessons provide children life learning lessons and help children to be able to connect behavioral and core understandings about the world we live in, our place in this world and how we care for ourselves and others in our world today.
  • Lessons in History, Social Studies and Science help children to understand the world they live in and to gain a larger view of the world as a whole and how it relates to them in the places they live.

By the end of the Pre-Kindergarten year, children who have attended Premier Academy Northlake are fully prepared to enter Kindergarten and continue their education with a strong academic foundation firmly set in place and a new found love for learning that can be utilized for a lifetime.

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